Commuters: Carpool

10 Tips to Successful Carpooling:

  • Pick your route & schedule. Establish the morning and afternoon pickup spots.
  • Draw up a driving schedule. Decide who drives and when.
  • Decide how to share costs. If you don't share the driving equally, then share the costs [parking, gas, tolls...].
  • Be on time. Decide together - "how long is the driver expected to wait?"
  • Establish policies. Smoking or non smoking? Music and volume? Food or drinks? Your carpool will have a better chance of success if you set ground rules up front.
  • Make carpooling serve one purpose. If it is for commuting to and from work, avoid letting it become a shopping or errand service.
  • Establish a chain of communication. If a driver is ill, or on vacation, notify an alternate driver so the other carpoolers are not left stranded.
  • Travel safely and keep the vehicle in good repair. Keep the vehicle clean and safe. Don't ruin it for everyone with excessive speed and reckless maneuvers.
  • Respect your fellow carpooler's wishes. Especially in the morning when some people relish quiet time.

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Why do it alone?

Share the trip with a friend or a co-worker.

AAA says "each time you drive 25 miles to work, you spend approx $5,800 a year on gas, maintenance, taxes, depreciation and finance costs."

Instead you could save 50% by carpooling with one other person.

Need more proof? Click here to see the CBS Local article and video on Carpooling to Save Money

Try it out

  • Start talking about it At home. At work. At the gym. At school.
  • Get together with others who are interested and come up rules and a schedule.
  • You drive, your family or friend(s) help pay for gas and parking.
  • You catch the ride and help pay for gas and parking.
  • Everyone alternates driving and no one exchanges money.
  • The driver picks up everyone at their homes, or everyone meets at a central location like a park and ride lot.
  • You share a ride, once a week, twice a week, everyday.
  • The only rules are the ones you make.
  • Try it out a few different ways and adjust as you go.
  • Keep track of the savings. Maybe spend a little on yourself.


  • Less stress
  • Save on commuting costs by sharing. savings calculator
  • Less parking
  • More free time to read and relax
  • Travel in the HOV lane
  • Less pollution from fewer auto emissions
  • Save on tolls with the fast lane carpool program

Match my trip

How do I get started?

Join NuRide to find people who travel in your same direction. Contact them up and pick a day to try a shared ride. If you like it, plan to do it daily or weekly.

What if I need to get home because of an emergency?

The emergency ride home program lets you get home quickly if you're sick or have a family emergency. See if your employer offers this great benefit

No luck with your list?

If you've called the people on your match list and still can't find a carpool partner, don't worry. Just check your online profile to obtain your new matches. Hundreds of new travelers are added to our database monthly. If you lose a member of your carpool, sign-in to view new matches or call 888-4COMMUTE and we’ll help you find a replacement.

Save money. Save time. Save the environment. Reduce traffic congestion.

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