Jazz up their commute:

  • Promote NuRide to reward greener travel.
  • Find creative ways to promote travel alternatives.
  • Host a transportation lunch & learn.
  • Recognize employees who walk, ride or bike to work.
  • Proudly display you're a MassRIDES partner.
  • Promote as a recruiting & hiring benefit.

MassRIDES partners get:

  • Priority access to new products & services including travel incentives.
  • Access to free statewide training seminars related to your workplace.
  • Positive PR opportunities and media exposure.

Rethink Commuting

You've done a great job inside your office - making it productive and rewarding for your employees. But what about the time spent outside your office, moving to and from work?

What if you could improve that experience too? Save money, save time, save hassles and headaches for your business and your commuting employees.

Go ahead and change the way your employees feel about commuting.

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Share your ride and your expenses. Create a Free NuRide profile and search thousands of travelers for a carpool and vanpool.

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Avoid the mess. Visit 511 for real time traffic, transit, weather, construction, and event information for Eastern Massachusetts.

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travel options

Options heart wallet mind env Advantages and Uses
Parking Management check check check One parking space can cost up to $1,500 a year to maintain. reduce the number of cars parking in your lot, prevent needing to build more, and save some money.
Vanpool check check check check Save your employees up to 75% of their commuting costs and your company up to 14 parking spaces per vanpool. vanpooling is affordable, convenient, and get your employees to work on time.
Emergency Ride Home check check check check Take needing a car out of the equation; we'll make sure your team gets a ride home in an emergency, it's a free benefit of MassRIDES partnership.
Tax Benefits check check check Employers can subsidize or allow their employees to pay for their transit and vanpool costs using pre-tax dollars. It's a no-cost addition to your benefits package and can help save your team some cash.
Teleworking check check check check Take the commute out of commuting. Implementing a telework program saves you some real estate, makes for less stressed (and more productive) employees and makes your company a place people want to work.
Transportation Events check check We'll do the work, you take the credit. Mass RIDES staff will organize, help promote, and conduct events to spread the word about commuting to your worksite. and, it's all at no cost to you.
Bicycling and Walking check check check check Healthy employees are happy employees. Help your team relieve stress while reducing the demand for parking at your office.