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Invite us into your business, and we'll get to work!

MassRIDES is committed to providing excellent customer service to our employer partners and to travelers throughout Massachusetts.

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Transportation Events

Transportation Events Help us reach your employees, and we'll help them get back to business.

MassRIDES offers customized commuter events to reach employees at your worksite. We offer a wide range of information services and hands-on traveler programs to meet your employees' individual needs. Transit assistance, carpool matching, and vanpool formation are just a few of the services our outreach coordinators can provide, when you host a commuter fair at your worksite.

Because we tailor our events to meet your needs, our worksite coordinators will schedule a day and time when your employees are most available.

  • Early morning events (7-9 am) can help reach commuters as they start their day.
  • Lunchtime (11-1 pm) events may work best for companies with traditional work-hours.
  • Late afternoon (3-5 pm), or
  • Even late night events (10-midnight), can also be scheduled for round-the-clock operations or to reach third-shift employees.

Our customized posters, email blasts, and other promotional items make it easy for you to help get the word out. Incentives and "give-away" items may encourage employees to talk with our worksite staff to learn more about their commute options.

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