Family Carpool Tips:

Before You Begin

  • Think logistics Invite families close by. It makes pick-up and drop-off easier.
  • Think safety first Talk to your kids about safe behavior in the car, and give other parents permission to set and enforce rules too.

In the Morning

  • Be ready to go Have your kids ready to go before the carpool arrives. Have your child pack his/her backpack the night before.
  • Cut the chit-chat During pick-up, there's no time for idle chatter. You can catch up with other parents when you drop the kids off in the afternoon.
  • Be gracious to carpool-lane captains It's a thankless - but important - job. Listen to their instructions and stay out of their way.

In the Afternoon

  • Make waiting fun Bring a book, plug in your laptop, balance your checkbook, plan a meal (bring a cookbook) or just enjoy the silence.
  • Seating chart Seat the kids who will be dropped off first closest to the car's doors.
  • Catch up Go ahead and chat. You deserve it because you've survived a day in the carpool.

Source: MotherProof

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You work hard to fuel your family with the right stuff – good food, good education and good family values.

So why not take a break when it comes to fueling your car. Start enjoying alternatives to that boring old car ride. You’ll save money, promote better health for you and your loved ones and discover new adventures together, as a family.

Here are some great ideas and tips to get you started, feeling better and enjoying your surrounding community.

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Share your ride and your expenses. Create a Free NuRide profile and search thousands of travelers for a carpool and vanpool.

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Travel Options

Options Advantages and Uses
Carpool check check check Offer to take more kids to the next birthday party and enjoy the break when your friends return the favor; invite a regular friend to the supermarket. it makes it more fun and you can save on gas by alternating drivers; share the ride to school by carpooling with other kids. your children will love it
Walk check check check check Walk to dinner; to the supermarket; to the local store; to school (and find out about our safe routes to school program)
Bicycle check check check check Purchase a shopping basket for your bicycle and off you go; to the library; to school; to the supermarket; baskets can run around $15 and they keep your packages neatly stored; invest in a child seat or trailer and go tandem.
Public Transit check check check Leave your car next time you head into Boston; save on gas; parking and getting lost; Focus instead on family time; spotting things out the window and enjoying the ride through our neighboring communities
Drive Smart & Save check check check check Save money on gas and increase your fuel efficiency in any vehicle by following some simple tips.

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