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Safe Routes to School

In 1969, roughly 48% of students bicycled or walked to school. Today only 13% of children do so. And, travel to school can account for up to 25% of all morning traffic.

That's why we work with schools like yours, to teach and inspire children to start walking and bicycling more often—to and from school, improving their physical health, safety, and community.

The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program promotes healthy alternatives for children and parents in their travel to and from school. It educates students, parents and community members on the value of walking and bicycling for travel to and from school.


Options heart wallet mind env Advantages and Uses
Safety Trainings check check check Students learn the skills necessary to keep them safe while walking or bicycling. these teachings will carry them through life, and the grownups learn some tips too.
Classroom Visits check check check We want to make bicycling and walking fun. the SRTS team will visit your school to talk to students about why walking and biking to school is cool.
Presentations to parents and community members check We will work with parents, teachers, and the community to raise awareness about the importance of walking and biking, and with police departments to promote safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Themed Events check check We will help your school develop and organize fun events, like "walking wednesdays," "footloose fridays", "winter walking" or a "turkey trot"!
Encouragement Programs check check check Start a walking school bus, "walk across america", or collect traveler tickets for great SRTS giveaways. we will help your school organize walking and bicycling programs to get students moving.
Free promotional items check check Zipper pulls, bracelets, stickers, and more. SRTS will get your school and students fun prizes to keep them motivated.
Infrastructure Improvements check check check check SRTS partner schools can qualify for local infrastructure improvements around their school to help improve safety and access.
Summer Programs check check School may be over, but walking doesn't have to stop. the SRTS team works with communities to encourage walking and bicycling year-round.
Walkability & Bikeability Checklists check check check we will help you identify preferred routes for students and parents to walk or bicycle to and from school.