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funding In August 2005, the federal transportation legislation allocated federal funds over a five-year period for Safe Routes to School initiatives nationwide.

States now have dedicated funds to encourage and enable students to walk and bicycle to and from school through program activities and capital improvements.

  • The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School program is currently using these funds for educational, encouragement, and enforcement program activities Schools collaborating with MassRIDES receive program services and resources that include technical assistance, customized program design and implementation, pedestrian and bicycle safety trainings, educational materials and programs, student incentives and rewards, and safety enhancements.

  • The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School infrastructure funds will also be used to make operational and physical improvements to the roads and walkways surrounding schools Safety enhancements may include speed reduction improvements, pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements, on or off-street bicycle facilities providing school access, secure bicycle parking, and sidewalk improvements. An on-call team of engineers, planners, and pedestrian/bicycle experts will assess, plan, design, and construct these improvements for eligible MassRIDES partner schools.

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